Thursday, December 22, 2005

Shake it up baby now.

So this past evening I was sitting at my computer listening to Christmas Carols (thanks Liz) and doing what I do best, surf the boundless bounty of the internet! I just ate some heat 'n serve beef curry on microwavable rice, and was sipping some of Grants Heartstoppingly Decadent Hot Cocoa, and a suddenly a huge truck goes by. At least thats what I thought... until I realized that I couldn't actually hear any trucks. And that my that isn't how the apt. rumbles when a truck goes by, its more like things are moving kinda back and forthish. Oh yeah, huh, this is an earthquake! It was actually a very frightening realization. I waited for it to keep going, and or get worse, but luckily it died down after a few seconds and all was well. Quite mild, I'm sure the locals hardly noticed it, but I sure did. I've decided I like my earth staying quite still, thank you Very Much.

Recipe for:
Grants Heartstoppingly Decadent Hot Cocoa

Start with whole milk, and standard Mix, Swiss Miss is fine if you don't have anything better.

Make the hot cocoa as normal, but leave some room in the Mug.

Add a splash (or two, or three you lush) of Baily's Irish Cream

Tumble in a few mini-Marshmallows

Place a nice dollop of whipped cream on top, as much as you feel your cardiologist would allow.

Finish off with a dash of cinnamon over the top, and

Enjoy, be sure your will is filled out, cause the only thing worse for your body has got to be chewing glass shards covered in bacon grease, but dang if the Hot Cocoa isn't a lot better tasting than that!


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