Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Laptop's here... almost.

I ordered a nice and snazzy laptop from HP some weeks ago. It shipped out last Tuesday, and took for bloody every to make its way from Shanghai to Denver. It went out for delivery this morning, but unfortunatly arrived at 8:51, before my darling sister had gotten out of bed! So FedEx will try again tomorrow. Curse the luck. Tomorrow marks two more important occasions. The release of the insane Korean film Oldboy, as well my departure being exactly three weeks away. Less than a month. Already less than two weeks to training in Vancouver. The excitement/ stark terror in my head is almost at a fever pitch.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

T-Minus 5 Weeks

I got two major things done this morning. I ordered my new laptop and my airline tickets. A whole lot of money exited my bank account for those high price items! The laptop is an HP Z800, not totally tricked out, but a pretty nice gaming system for the price. As for the tickets, it is the same United flight I have been looking at for months, but purchased through a travel agent... for almost $1000.00 cheaper than on Uniteds website. What is up with that? Well at least I've got this off my mind, now I can concentrate on selling my old computer, and other such and sundry items.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Remember the 14er from hell?

Here are a selection of pictures from my attempt of Torreys Peak, one of the more popular 14ers in the Rocky Mountains.

The view from the top of Torreys Peak, it sure makes allthat effort worth it! Posted by Picasa

Almost to the top of Torreys Peak. Posted by Picasa

Me on the summit of Torreys! Posted by Picasa

Looking down the trail past Kelso Mountain. Posted by Picasa

Looking back at Torreys Peak from the trail. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

6 Weeks

Yup, 6 weeks from today I will be boarding a flight to Japan. Of course that flight has been tough to pin down. For some odd reason United (and the other major carriers) post their one-way prices at around d0uble their round-trip fares. You are going half the distance, yet paying twice as much... does this sound like it makes any sense at all? No, no it doesn't. Oh well, I suppose I will just buy a round trip and throw away the return ticket.

My poster made it to Vancouver today, so they will be shipping it to my school pretty soon. Crazy, MY school. MY new place of employ. It still seems weird to think about. I get the feeling I am bailing out of the Library at just the right time, things are going to be getting progressivly worse, I think.