Friday, December 02, 2005

Haircuts and Misc.

I haven't had my hair cut since I've been in Japan. Three and a half months later, I was looking pretty shaggy. Trevor had reccomended the barbershop next door to the apartment building, a nice place run by a father and son team. Luckily I got off early tonight, and they were working latish, so I actually had time to mosey in and get my mane lopped off. Now I wasn't sure what to expect, but I needn't have worried. They were very professional, and very, very full service. It was all a bit old fashioned I suppose, at least I don't know of anywhere in Denver to get a haricut like this these days. All scissors, no electric clippers to be seen. Hot towels, straight razor, the whole nine yards! I got clipped, snipped, shaved, back rub, and they even cleaned my glasses! Now that is service. Now I'm not sure if I really needed my forhead shaved, but what can you do? All in all I have to say I'm completely happy with the work done, my hair looks pretty good and my face is the smoothest its been since I started shaving.

So the Kancho attempts have certainly increased, but Thursday I had a real shocker. My cute little 3 year old girl student took a stab at me. Unfortuantly the Wrong Side. Luckily she missed, and besides its not like a 3 year old girl can cause THAT much damage. But really here, do we need to institute a class entitled "don't touch other peoples 'bathing suit area'?" I mean I know to be extra careful around the older boys, but a 3 year old? Yikes.

Zach is coming to town this weekend. Staying at my place and causing general trouble. It should be a good time. Since there have been several textish posts lately, here are some bonus pictures. No real theme, just nice pics from the last month.

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Kanayama at night. Kanayama is a nearby transportation intersection, and a mini downtown area has sprung up.

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My neighborhood, as seen from the stairs up to my apartment.

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The entry of Fushimi Inari at night. I really like this picture. Color, light, it looks cool!

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An interesting failure from Fushimi Inari. I call it a failure, but I think perhaps it is more succesful as a photograph than I had initially thought. Its out of focus, poorly framed, and yet there is a vibrancy there that I like.

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I went back to Inuyama last Monday. Went to a cool temple. This is of course the railway bridge near the cool temple.

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Pretty leaves.

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Inuyama Castle in the distance. I wish that light pole wasnt there, the picture would feel older and more 'authentic' without it.


Random bat flitting by said...

Your "failure" is indeed quite cool. As is the one above it.

Hmm, tell ya what. Reverse the picture of your "failure" so the image is on the right, and call it a wallpaper. I'd use it. :-)

'Till next time, Mutual Outside Storm!

羽之助 said...

Ah, so this is the post where you mention the 3-year-old ... where the HELL do they learn it from? An older brother? Constant Naruto?

Travelingrant said...

no doubt, she does have an older brother, but he's been no trouble... yet!