Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So today I learned that the snowstorm was the heaviest snow Nagoya has seen in 58 years! Wow, I knew they didn't get much in the way of snow, but 58 years? That is pretty epic. Of course its all gone now, melted away just like Colorado. Still bloody cold though.

So I braved the icy streets and long train ride to the nearest theater with a subbed version of Peter Jackson's King Kong. To put it in simple terms.

This movie Rocks!

Ok, enough fanboy geekery.

But it really is a very good film. Its got quite credible acting, a pleasing if well worn story, and some really, really amazing special effects. Like totally utterly jaw dropping special effects. Andy Serkis is my hero. The man created Gollums performance, and that had to be pretty hard. But to create the performance of a 25 Foot tall Gorilla? And to do it amazingly well? That takes some special acting chops right there. 1930s New York is perfect, so much so that Jared, who lived there for a time, was disbelieving when I told him they hadn't shot for a day in New York. It was all sets and tons of CGI. They build Manhatten Island in a computer using maps and building plans, and let things go from there.

If you like fun adventure films, see King Kong. It looks amazing, and is surprisingly emotional as well. You really do love the old ape, and feel sorry for him when he meets his preordained fate on the top of the Empire State Building.

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