Friday, December 09, 2005

Pardon my Ponderings

Ok, pardon this post, but I'm going to veer into Teenagy Livejournalesc navel gazing and introspection here for a second. I realized the other day that while I am to an extent a man of action, I am primarily a watcher rather than a doer. I don't mean that in a pathetic or bad way, but I was thinking about what to be when I grow up and I realized that much of what I 'do' is observation. On this blog I am a writer and photographer, by education I am an historian and journalist. All rely on conveying thoughts and images to a person who wasn't there. The more I thought about it, the more I realied that this is certainly an aspect of my character. When I travel I always can't wait to tell people about what I saw. When I got to a movie or concert often I write review as I watch. In fact often enough I write copy for this blog in my head. I really should dive on in and get a voice recorder.

ok, for your perserverence I offer some nice pictures that also fall under misc headings.

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An alternate take of Sakae at night.

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Chritmas Penguin at Nagoya Station.

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Meitetsu line near Okazaki station. (well Higashi Okazaki Eki really, and I love saying that, it just sounds cool) I cross that bridge twice a day 5 days a week!

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Now these just cracked me up. Nuff said.


Ram said...

I don't know what's funnier, the Rocky Mountain Marshmallows or the "Masmelos" which is how I believe it would be pronounced with a Japanese accent.

Liz said...

Nothing says Christmas to me like penguins.