Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dreaming of a White Christmas

So I checked online this morning, and the quake yesterday was magnitude 4.7. Enough to rattle your teeth a bit, but no lasting damage. Let us hope they stay that way!

Its been a rough week so far, I'm saying goodbye to everybody I know, again. I also wrote varous Christmas letters and postcards, and actually thinking about all the people I was writing too, well it made me miss em. So there has been a lot of good byes, and ruminating on other good byes. But.. As I was walking home through the snow this evening listening to Christmas carols, it really hit me just how beautiful and magical it was to be alive, and here, at that moment in time. It was a nice feeling, and rather bolstered my spirits. Sadness at parting is not bad, but one must remember that there are new horizons and new opportunities coming. Oh and look for an entry detailing some of the 'usual suspects' sometime soon.

Speaking of the snow, it snowed all day today, and is forecast to keep it up through Saturday at least. So it looks like we may have a White Christmas around these parts. Like I mentioned earlier, Aichi is not the snow capital of Japan, and in fact they really aren't used to this much of the fluffy white stuff. This means that a few flakes hit the ground and blammo the train schedules are shot, traffic gets insane, the whole ball of wax. I saw a taxi with chains on this morning. There was like 1/16th of an inch of snow, and he's sporting heavy duty chains! Sheesh. Of course I can't fault him too much, its all they have, nobody around here has snow tires, they never need them. Well they need them this week.

This morning was chilly. I sorta hadn't paid my gas bill in... a while (read, since I've been here) so they kinda cut off the gas. Now my heating is all electric so that was fine, I've paid that bill. But my hot water on the other hand. Whoops. I sorta thought I was only getting the one bill a month, cause you know its all blue envelopes and Kanji, it pretty much all looks the same to me. Well I've learned my lesson. I obviously didn't take a shower, hypothermia first thing in the morning doesn't appeal, but I still chilled down even just cleaning my face and such. Well the bill is paid and its back on tonight, phew. Hot bath time!

What I woke up to this morning.

My train pulling into Okazaki Station, 15 minutes late! Luckily, I too was 15 minutes late, so it worked out ok.

One of the Meitetsu Super Limited Express trains.

Snowball fight!

Walkin home through the neighborhood

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sittin' warm in my cave, Vesp said...

Poor Grantie didn't pay his bills... That's gotta suck man.

I got a (well, another) idea. Post a sign outside, offering tips for winterizing. (for a small fee) Of course, only those that can read english will respond, but still..