Friday, December 30, 2005

Rampant Redux

Dateline: Osaka

I had intended to hold off on updating from vacation, primarily so I could continue showing all the pretty pictures I have taken. However, I have just come from a rather neat place that does not allow any photography, so I figured I would just go ahead and post about it.

Across the tracks from the hotel I am staying at, (on the right side of the tracks, opposed to the wrong side that the hotel is on) is a place called Spa World. It is a combo Hotel, Food Court, Massage Parlor, Water Park, and Spa. Its a little pricy to get in, 2700 yen, but worth it for sure. There are two spa levels, Europe and Asia. They are sex segragated by month, so in December Men get the Europe level, Women the Asia level. They are similar in content, but the decor changes drastically.

I have to say, it was amazing. Amazing! There were of course multiple baths of multiple temperatures. There were also steam rooms, a salt sauna, hot and hotter saunas, a peppermint tea bath, and outdoor hot springs. Yes you did in fact read the words Peppermint Tea Bath. I am sure it has some super health bonus, but I do not know what that would be. I do know it made me smell all nice and pepperminty. At least it did before I took a shower and washed it all off! There was also a nice Rocky Mountains area with two super hot saunas, and a fridged mountain spring right nearby.

Once you get tired of relaxing and bathing in the raw, you can rent a swimsuit and head to the eight floor, where there exists a mini waterpark. Two waterslides, a lazy river, a cave, everything you would want in a water park. I have not been on a waterslide in years, and it was an absolute blast!

And of course there is a couple massage areas, a food court, arcades, I can undertand why they sell an all day ticket. You could easily burn many many hours, and a huge chunk of your pocket change. If you have any left, you can walk a few blocks to the electronics mega-shopping area Den Den Town, and buy an X-Box 360, a High Definition TV, and a Computer or two.

So there we go, a glimpse at Osaka. I have taken 106 photos so far, and Its only been two days! We shall see how they turn out. I think you will enjoy the Whale Shark.;-)

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mumsy said...

Sounds wonderful! I see why no photos allowed, however. Were you the only gaijin there?