Monday, October 31, 2005

Beware: Cute Ninja Ahead

Back a few weeks ago in Nagano, before the hike, Zach and I hit up the Togakushi Ninja Village. Togakushi was one of the main training centers for Ninja, as it was high in the mountains, and far from the centers of power. Anybody who felt like wiping the clan off the map had a long difficult road to travel, and would be hard pressed to keep their passage a secret from their quarry. Also, the high(ish) altitude made for stronger spies. I qualify that because its still far below Colorado standards. Anyway, Togakushi has traded on their Ninja past with a couple attractions that bill themselves as Ninja Villages. Basically a really cool obstacle course. Rope bridges, shiruken throwing, walls to climb, a really big playground for those who are 10 and those who THINK they are 10. <--- me. There is also the Ninja house, with trap doors, false walls, secret passages. You know, really cool stuff. In one house they had a room on its side, which was disorientating to say the least. All and all it was a blast, and more than worth the price of admission.

Take that!

the cute little ninja mascot

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