Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A very busy weekend Pt 1 Demons and Cats

Another weekend, free time to see the sights and have fun. I met Jared and Johanna at Osu as there was a big festival going on there. As I now know, big festivals in Nagoya means 'prepare for huge crowds.' The people were overwhelming, and there was a monkey show at one end that had a guy on a loudspeaker and he got really annoying really quickly. But before we left we saw some interesting things. One was a dance/ story that was frankly rather creepy. As far as I can make out, the plot involved a death demon and the hero sent to kill him. The same man, with his face painted bone white, played both the hero and the demon. He would drop his demon red constume and pick up a sword. Swing it around a bit then swoop over and become the demon again. All this time there are a few cat demons, or something like that, hanging out and cheering on their pick to win. I'm not really sure what side they were on actually. Eventually the hero managed to kill the demon, and one of the musicians came out and cut off his head! They took this little paper-mache head and paraded it around. Until one of them dropped it near the demon, and the demon began to stir... Like I said, it was very intense and very cool. Rather complicated plot too. The demon, with his face painted white and a red rose in his teeth reminded me of something out of a voodoo ritual.
By then it was getting to be lunch time. While all the Okonomiyak and Yakitori booths looked tasty, we had passed a 'Hawaiian' place called Locoburger on the way down the street, and I decided to hit them up. It was a pretty good burger, big patty with cabbage, an egg, cheese, bacon and onions. I'm not sure what qualified all that as Hawaiian, but it was good nonetheless. By that point we were pretty sick of the crowd, and so decided to head out from Osu and go to the port, Nagoyako, and see the Aquarium.

To Be Continued...

The Demon

The Hero

The Burger!

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