Friday, October 28, 2005

A pleasent seaside resort

Last weekend I decided it was time to get a good dose of beachfront property. Really the closesest thing to a nice 'resort town' near Nagoya is Gamagori. Now its very much an industrial shipping/ fishing port town. Now that is not in a quaint New England way. It's in the Japanese grey concrete sort of way. That said, I had a great time anyway. Takashima is a small island just off the coast, and not only is there a bridge out to it, but there is a very nice little shrine built into the dense green canopy. I did see a small fishing boat come into dock, named the Akagi. I got a bit of a laugh at that. (Akagi was the name of one of the Aircraft Carriers that launched the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was sunk at Midway) There are also several onsen (hot springs) and an amusement park. I had intended to go to an onsen and soak a bit, but just didn't make it. The amusement park is a 20 min bus ride, away from the JR station, so I didn't even bother. It might be fun, but it looks kind of pointless, part of the huge amusement park craze that hit Japan before the bubble burst. So even though all I really did in Gamagori was walk around and check out the water, that was enough for an old landlubber like me. Just watching the waves on the rocks can be incredibly soothing, and thats really what I needed. Kind of still do! Maybe I'll go back this weekend and try and scope out an onsen this time...

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