Friday, October 07, 2005


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Today I passed the three week mark. This is now the longest continuous time I have been outside the United States. It is even the longest continusou amount of time I have been outside of Denver! In that mere three weeks I have...

Eaten fried Chicken Cartiladge
Grilled Pig Tongue
Squid Sushi

I have not eaten

Raw Octopus and Wasabi.
(In my defense, if somebody handed you a bowl of grey snot and said it tasted great, would YOU eat it?)

I have been to 4 parties
met approx. 150 new people, of whom I remember about 50 names.

climbed one mountain
visted one ninja village

bought 3 books
400 Q-tips
1 box frosted flakes
47 train and subway tickets
and 1 uber cool cell phone

If that is three weeks, imagine what the next 49 weeks hold in store!


Vesp said...

Can you say too much information? Don't really need to know about the q-tips....

Need pics of your classes!

tiffie said...

Hi Grant, its Tiffany Hans' little sister from long ago. Matt told me about your site. I really like it!!! I hope you are having fun over there. My roommate is a foreign exchange student from Japan and we enjoyed your pictures!!