Monday, October 10, 2005


Today it rained pretty solid all day, and our party of three for the Aquarium fell apart so instead I went to Osu. Back in the day major temples would attract lots of pilgrams. There needed to be plenty of shops and pubs and hotels for the pilgrams, which translates today to really cool shopping arcades near many temples. Osu is the temple district of Nagoya, so in addition to having a snazzy temple, there is a huge shopping arcade with just about anything you could want to buy. I needed a few things, notably a headset/mic so I can chat online to people, and I knew the electronics town area of Osu would have what I needed. It was pretty amazing. Hordes of people, and shops everywhere. I found all I need, and some things I didn't need. I also made it a priority to buy a bike today. (and I did, I'll post before and after pics later in the week.) Not alot of really exciting things, but fun nonetheless and the exploration is important both for me and anybody who cares to visit me. Now I can show people where to find the best western wear in Nagoya! And point out the cool Anime and game stores. And lets not forget our favorite things to wear... Engrish!


Cowboy Vesp said...

We better see a pic of Grant in his new cowboy hat soon. You know he got one. And at a discount, too.

"You know, I'm from Denver!"


Anonymous said...

I met an oil man working in Indonesia who had married a local lady who ran a western wear shop that he helped stock when he came back to visit in the states. He said she made more money selling the cowboy look (way) out east than he did extracting crude. Pops