Monday, October 10, 2005

The Neigborhood

Today I decided to take it easy. Relax, enjoy myself, just mosey around. No deadlines. No hardcore sightseeing. Just hanging out, scoping out the neighborhood and Not Working. ;-)

I rode the rustocycle (my hand me down bike) south a ways, and was drawn to the noise coming down from a side street. Sure enough there was a local shrine festival, with their very own dragon! This was very cool to see as the group went on by. Even the kids got in on the action with their very own float. I wish I knew what the occasion was. I also rode to Atsuta Shrine, which is one of the more important Shinto shrines in Japan. It is a major place to be for New Years, which means for me... Stay Away at all costs! I've heard they even close down the streets around the shrine, yikes! It was a beautiful day, cooling off a bit but not quite fall, not yet.

Riding the rustocycle all around town did convince me to buy a new and real bike asap. Its just too small for me and too... wobbly. So maybe tomorrow I'll walk down to the bike shop and pick up a new set of wheels. I picked up two great Engrish Shirts. Ill post a pic later, but one says, "Another Boring Story No One, Enthused." You just can't make it up.


Adam Clair Stremler said...
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Liz, Grammer Queen said...

"with there very own dragon"
Grant, I am very disappointed. There and not their? And later you say cloths for clothes. You call yourself an english teacher? Give me a break!!

Travelingrant said...

you have no idea how corrupting this place is on pronunciation and such. *hangs head in shame* Plus I do most of my writing at 12-1 in the morning.

Vesp said...

I'd like to see a blown up pic of the god tree. Those are cool.

no comment on the grammer.

Anonymous said...

Whose this Liz, the grammer-slammer? I bet it was her comment that the blog-cop deleted!. Probably some grammatically perfect scatology. Vet this. Non-pops