Monday, December 14, 2009

Golden Marsh

In everyone's life there will be a few locations that will always be loved and remembered. Kanazawa is most certainly one of those places for me.

Returning was very interesting, the chance to see what had changed and what had not. Coming into downtown from the train station, I could see that the fish market had been totally redone, but much of Katamachi was as I had left it two years ago. All in all the soul of the city remained the same, many of the same great bars, the same great people, the same horrible weather.

Speaking of bars and people, one of the must stop places while I was in the area was The World's Greatest Yakitori Joint. Whenever anybody arrives or leaves, the owner (aka Master) shouts and bangs the drum. The theatricality doesn't take away from the excellent food and very large beers.

Once again I learned that despite the passage of time, your true friends will ALWAYS be your true friends. Seeing Travis, Mo, Liz, Yukie, Rie, Noboru and more for the first time in years was fantastic. Even catching up with people I had only known for a little while was wonderful.

Kanazawa may not be the largest or most exciting city in Japan, but no matter where I end up in life, it will always be close to my heart.

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Mia said...

I had pretty much the same experience when I visited China 3 years after I left. It was great to see that so much hadn't changed but that the people still remembered me.