Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Theory of Zach

This past weekend I went up to Nagano for Zach's 25th birthday. Yup, a quarter century, a nice, sizable milestone. One that I'm looking down the throat here pretty soon to. While eating sushi and birthday cake a tremedous thought hit me, that I have known Zach for over 10 years. A whole decade of Zach. Yikes!

I still remember the first day I met him, it was High School, Literature X, second semester. I sat down in class after coming back from Christmas Break, and heard the discussion of several boys behind me. They were talking about TIE fighters, those nasty little ships from Star Wars. They, like me, spoke Geek. I was overjoyed, and promptly turned around and said hi. Those three people were Zach, Mark, and Gil, and were soon to form what became my core group of friends, along with Jessica, Colin and Seth, throught the next couple of years of High School. Of all of them, the only ones I'm still in contact with are Zach and Seth, the rest have all fallen by the wayside of life.

And of course, if it weren't for Zach, I would never have made it to Japan. It was his passion that brought him to Nagano two years ago, and his generosity that brought be here on vacation a year ago. No Zach, No Grant in Japan. Life is pretty crazy sometimes, isn't it?

Well, Here is to Zach, and here is to another 25 years that are as fun and interesting as the first 25 years! *Raises glass of Asahi*


Vesp-and-then-some said...

Wait, you actually talk to Seth? Ever sense he moved out, I've got one call from him, and seen niether hide nor hair.

羽之助 said...

We are AGING. Oh god help! I just realized that my sister turns 20 this year ... good god.
On a separate note, how did you get tickets for the Ghibli museum? Through that Lawson machine?

Not Zach said...

What an old dude. I hope I have that much hair when I turn 25.

Travelingrant said...

20, My sister is now 21. *sigh* My Baby sister can buy beer. *cries*