Saturday, April 29, 2006

Let the holiday commence!

And so ends my work week.

And so begins my Golden Week holiday, 9 days of bliss.

Well, as blissful as a holiday can be, when you are sharing your coffin with a woman who wakes up with the sun. Argh!

Today was a gorgeous day, absolutly wonderful. Warm, sunny, perfect in every way. The kind of day that you just don't see in Hokoriku very much. I mean, it didn't rain AT ALL. Not once throughout the 24 hour period that was Friday the 28th of April. This is a major breakthrough for Kanazawa weather this spring, one that I hope is repeated often through the weeks to come.

I of course worked all afternoon, but mom, after rejoicing that her luggage had arrived safe and sound, meandered the town. She went back to the garden to see about artistic opportunites (she found none :-( ) She went to the fish market, and enjoyed that quite a bit. And she took a nap, because she woke up at 6. Sadly, I was at work, and couldn't indulge in any sleeping, so I got a Starbuck Sleep in a Cup instead. Not quite as satisfying, but (mostly) did the job of keeping me coherent during my classes.

After work the Denver contingent joined up with the rest of the Kanazawa crew and went out for Okonomiyaki. The hellfire habanero ones were as spicy delicious as always, and the kimchee seemed to have a bit of an extra punch as well. We were all sweating a bit. Mom was pleasenty surprised by how good a cabbage pancake can actually taste, and of course she loved the pan fried squid. Some peope will eat ANYTHING.

Well I guess thats it for today, we are heading out for more sushi and such tomorrow, and a putting together a quick trip to Kyoto early next week before the holiday crowds descend.

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