Sunday, April 30, 2006


Wow, so mom has been keeping me plenty busy. Yesterday we headed out for the fish market. She went on Friday too, but one day of fresh fish just wasn't enough for her!

It was a pretty amazing sight, certainly unlike anything you might find in Denver. We looked around at all the myriad offerings, unsure of what a good 90% of it was! The lunch lines outside the sushi bars were pretty long, so I went and got a haircut, and we came back later. The salmon sushi was, as we both admitted, the best sushi we had ever eaten. It was like butter. So goooood.

After that we walked down to the other side of town, and the Eastern Geisha district. As we paused for a quick vending machine drink my student Yumiko came dashing up to us. Her friend and fellow student had seen us walking along, they both live nearby, and had sent Yumiko a text message on her phone. She ran out of her house and down the street to catch us and say hi. She wanted to meet mom and give us some onsen (hotsprings) information. I was rather touched, but also worried that I have a spy ring dedicated to tracking my movements!

We walked around a bit, saw some really great sights like these huge Koi and a festival dedicated to children. If a family has more than three children, the government will pay them an extra stipend, and this festival was a way of celebrating that, and children in general.

After a short rest we met up with Paul and his girlfriend Leica and went to another sushi place, also conveyor belt style. This is the one with all the crazy rolls, like fois gras and salmon and cheese. It was delicious, but maybe not quite as good as the simpler, fresher fare at the market. I'm not complaining though, it was still pretty fantastic.

An interesting Iris we saw on our excursion

Then, I managed through two days of wearing down defenses to finally get mom to go to Karaoke, and even sing a bit! While she will never be as Karaoke crazed as Matt or I, she allowed as how it could be kind of fun.


Anonymous said...

She probably was not as pixilated as you and Matt were.

009 (Vesp) said...

I know for a fact, I have never been pixilated. Drunk? Yeah, a bit.

And, yes Grant, there is a network of spies all around you day and night.

(I know all about Hotel Casanova)