Friday, April 28, 2006

Mom's Epic Tale

On Wednesday I was on pins and needles all day, awaiting the coming call from my Mom. I knew she would call sometime around 6ish to tell me which train she would be on out of Nagoya. So it was no surprise when around 5:50 my phone started buzzing.

Me: Hello!

Mom: Hi Grant, I'm in Tokyo.

Me: ???!?!??!?!?!?

As things turned out, the flight from Denver had been delayed about an hour, and she had a layover in San Fran of about an hour... I'm sure you can see where this is headed. Luckily for her there was a flight from SFO to Tokyo leaving shortly after her missed connection. Unluckily for her that flight was also delayed, so that by the time she reached Tokyo her new Tokyo to Nagoya connection had also left without her. So she called me from a payphone in Narita airport relaying her tale of tragedy and woe.

She did catch another flight, and made it to Nagoya with barely any time to spare if she was going to make it to the station and catch the last train from Nagoya to Kanazawa. With a lot of timely assistance from a passing business man, she made it to the proper train and the proper platform. From there it was a mere three hours, and one train change, to home sweet home. She staggered off the train with a gaggle of business men, having been en-route for over 24 hours.

Of course her baggage is *still* en-route. Hopefully it will arive sometime in the next hour or so. The upshot was I got to take her shopping at Uniqlo, the coolest clothing store in the galaxy. The downside was, I had to go clothes shopping.. with my MOM! Bummer.

Well the day is glorious, it would appear that all that bad luck was required to bring a bit of good weather here for her vacation!

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