Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Chris

Santa came to Kanazawa a little bit early this year! Of cousre depressingly enough I was Santa. I didn't think I was really old enough to play Santa yet, but our kid's Christmas party proved me wrong. *sigh*

Itchy beard aside, we had a pretty great two hours. The kids all got to make a 3D Christmas Tree Card, play Christmas Bingo, and of course exchange gifts.

We had them write a message on their cards, "Merry Christmas, Love From ______." One of them ran out of room so his just said "Merry Chris." Stickers ended up all over the cards, tables, and sometimes faces! One of our students, a mere two years old the poor thing, got as her gifts a pen and stationary set. Oops!

Even with the dash of insanity that you will have when you get a bunch of little 'uns in the same room, it was a success, and a lot of fun for all involved. A big thank yo u to Mo for coming out and helping us on a Saturday morning, without her it would have been a pretty poor party. (I have long ago learned that while I may have many useful skills, party planning is most certainly NOT one of them.)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, put Santa G on your myspace. you gotta.