Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kenroku-en in a new light

Being that Kenroku-en, that third best garden in Japan, is the prime tourist attraction in Kanazawa, I was obligated to take Matt there. I was interested in going for myself as well, to see the garden when it wasn't under two feet of snow. I was also interested in running my new camera through its paces a bit. I'll have to say I'm totally in love, and quite impressed with how well it works and the image quality. Hooray.

It was a chilly but bright day when we set off Monday morning, but by midafternoon a pretty fierce storm front came down from the North-East, with blowing snow cutting our garden visit short. Luckily, I had a fall back plan, Mr. Donut. One of the Kanazawa Mr. Donuts is spread across 3 floors, which is not something you see everyday! I mean come on, a three story donut emporium? Now that is some cool stuff.

I had to go to work after that, and I spent the rest of the day terrorizing my coworkers with my Camera. They were understanding though, which is rather generous of them! *click* flash *click*.... you get the general idea.

Here are a few of the many, many photos I took at Kenroku-en.

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Actually this one is at Oyama Shrine. Yeah, I ended up back there for the second time in a week, third time overall. But hey, its free and it *is* a pretty cool place.

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Near the entrance.

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A Shot across the lake at the famous snow tents. I imagine they will come down soon, as the snow should be about over.

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The tourist magnet lantern. It can be hard to get a photo of it unencumbered with hordes of tourists.

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Close up of the tents.

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Aha! No matter what the weather is, spring is here!! It's Here! I think...

Stay tuned for the next post, More hot Karaoke Action. Matt blows out his voice singing Metallica, Grant hogs the remote.. and more.


羽之助 said...

I've been there. Was it crowded? I had about 3.2 seconds to snap a picture of the bridge-lantern before being crowded out by other tour groups.

MNJetter said...

We still have a foot or so of snow here. No fair :P

Travelingrant said...

It was jammed! Hordes of Japanese tour groups coming through. Im going to have to go a bit earlier in the day sometime.

As far as snow all I can say is... Mu ha ha ha ha! Of course we *did* get an inch or so the other day, but its long melted now. Phew.