Friday, June 13, 2008

Indian Peaks

Last weekend was a glorious June weekend, perfect for a stroll in the Rocky Mountains. Dad and I went hiking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, a collection of high peaks along the continental divide above Boulder.

The day couldn't have been better for hiking, clear and warm without being too hot. It is still early in the season though, and while there was much less snow than there has been, there were still some pretty big drifts at the higher elevations.

With such nice weather the snow was pretty busy melting, and in some spots the trail was less a path and more a small lake. As the day went on, the area got wetter and wetter, and I learned that after a decade of use my totally broken hiking boots aren't quite waterproof anymore. Alas.

Damp feet aside, it really was the perfect way to spend a Saturday. As the weather gets warmer and the hills get greener, I am feeling better about being in the area. I thank my lucky stars that Denver has such low humidity!

In other news, I broke down today and got a new camera. While the pictures on this page prove that my D-50 is a good as ever, I've been on the lookout for both a new and improved lens and camera body lately. After much soul searching and review watching, I settled on the Nikon D-80. It is an older camera, only a bit newer than my model, but it is a bit higher on the food chain technology wise while still coming in at a price point I can afford. I wish it was a D-300, but I don't have $1,700 to spend on a camera body. I also picked up an 18-135 mm zoom, which gives me a bit more reach from the 18-55 that I have been using, and is a sharper, better lens. (Europe here I come!)

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