Monday, June 09, 2008

Class Three

The Customer Service department was rewarded for beating our insurance sales goal 5 weeks early with a half day of white-water rafting! Our day of fun on the water was originally scheduled for Thursday, but that day dawned wet and cold, more suitable for early November than early June.

Luckily, the unpredictability of Colorado weather paid off big time and Friday was glorious, sunny and warm, a perfect day for rafting. After a mere two hours of work, we were whisked up to Idaho Springs for a trip down Clear Creek, which parallels Interstate- 70 as it travels towards Denver. We rode the beginners section, which had nothing more dangerous than a class three rapid.

While the rapids weren't all that big, they were certainly big enough for us beginners, and they provided quite the thrill. Everybody had a smashing good time, even Bobby, who fell in the 40 degree water (but who was pulled right back out!). Indeed, some of the attendees are already discussing a trip down the intermediate stretch of the river...


Zach said...

That's a gutsy move bringing a camera on a white water raft. Any waterproofing or just luck?

Travelingrant said...

I used a waterproof disposable, with real film!