Friday, June 20, 2008

Art Market

Last weekend was the annual Art Students League Summer Art Market. This was the second year in a row my mom exhibited her paintings there. It can be pretty intense with the heat, the crowds, and the sheer artiness of it all, so I came along to lend a helping hand.

Growing up with an artist mother, I suppose I have had an inside track for art appreciation. Being surrounded by so much art, some good and some bad, certainly made for an interesting weekend. While I wouldn't want to do it every weekend, I have already volunteered for next year! I made a few acquisitions myself, buying a Crimean seascape, a Kyoto street scene, a Mexican sunset, and a Colorado owl. My aprtment is looking more and more international by the minute!

The market also provided a good proving grounds for my D-80, giving me a chance to break in the camera a bit more and learn what button does what.

My Aunt flew in from Hawaii to help mom at the show, or should I say she sneaked in from Hawaii, as nobody knew she was coming. Well, nobody knew but her mole on the inside...

She was a big help at the market, and of course it is always nice to see family!

The artist in front of some of her works. The geese in the background are based off of one of my own photos, something I am inordinately proud of.

With all the art watching and people watching, my sister dropped by to the market twice, and even posed for me!

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