Wednesday, June 11, 2008

21 DPD

It's been a while since I did much with HDR images, so I decided to give a few of my sunset/ thunderhead shots the treatment. While I shot a couple of multiple exposures, my lack of a tripod combined with the ever moving traffic and clouds has led to some pretty unexceptional shots. Luckily, I was shooting RAW, and while you cant quite make a true HDR out of a RAW file, you can certainly make a good go of it.

21 DPD is a reference to Days Prior to Departure, office jargon that we use to keep track of when our customer's tours are taking place. My tour is now 21 DPD, so I am off to Europe in a mere three weeks. Color me excited. I had hoped I would be taking a new camera with me, but perhaps it is best that I am bring my trusty Nikon D-50. It may be an older model, but I know its features and functions pretty well, and I should focus on taking great pictures, not learning a new camera. Though I wouldn't mind learning how to use a new camera...

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