Saturday, July 21, 2007

Japanese TV and other interesting tales

Japanese TV is... interesting. The sheer profusion of crazy game shows and the willingness of people to be subjected to extremes of pain and suffering make for very entertaining viewing.

This particular clip features a human tetris game, and if you fail, watchout!

This one is even more painful. Say the tongue twister correctly and all is well. Mess up and get a mousetrap like smack to the groin. Ouch!

Perhaps the best of the bunch, this famous feature from the same show as above furnishes contestants with hilarious situations, and then requires that they refrain from laughing. So much as a giggle and you get smacked across the rear, hard!

Some may remember Jared, who pops up in this video advocating a new and improved handshake. May we all find happyness and luck with the...SLIDING HAMMER!


Matt said...

You forgot the silent library!

Jared said...

Thanks for the mention, Grant!

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