Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Media and Mail

Ok, so my typical morning involves first hitting the on button on my laptop, THEN turning on the burner to make some tea. Because my laptop starts up a bit slow, they are both read about the same time! This morning as I sipped my Earl Grey and ate my Frosted Flakes (I'm where again?) I also chatted with my Dad on Instant Messenger. The conversation went something like this

Dad: So did you feel the Earthquake?

Me: What Earthquake?

Dad: The big one that Japan just had.

Me: Guess I must not have!

So I look online and sure enough the headline jumps out at me Powerful Earthquake Shakes Japan: Tsunami Warning Issued. So my first thought is, oh shit, how many dead, how many blocks reduced to rubble. Why didn't I wake up. Oh My GOD. Yeah, except... no injuries. No damage even. Heck the tsunami waves were between 12 and 20 inches. So yeah, the rats and mice evacuated to higher ground, but the foxes were OK. Honestly, that headline was horrid. Even the article itself noted that this was no big deal, but they wanted to draw you in. So they put a dash of danger in, spice things up. Stupid.

On to happier thoughts. When I got to work today there was a nice card from my Aunt (Hi Megan!!). Its always nice to start the week with a bit of mail, especially when you were sick all weekend like I was. (Hack, Cough, wheeeeeeze) So that was nice. Mail is always nice, makes you feel important. So then later in the day I'm out of the office, and I hear the door open, then shut. I walk back in and voila, there is a packadge on the front desk. With my sweet name on it. My urgent needs care packadge had arrived, ahead of schedule even! If mail is always nice, then mail with peanut butter cups and the Episode III DVD is double nice! Triple nice! Ahh what a great day.

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sam said...

what's your mailing address there, if you don't mind me asking?