Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Bright Lights of Sakae

As promised, a few photos of Sakae. Sakae is the main downtown district in Nagoya. Tons of bars, restaurants, clubs, karaoke, department stores, the occasional ferris wheel, its all right there. It's a pretty cool place, there is almost too much choice of things to do! Well heck with words, on to the pictures!

Ok that is Oasis 21, a combo of large piece of modern art, major bus terminal, shopping mall, and outdoor/ indoor exhibition space. On top you have great views of the city, and some pretty water, the next couple pictures are taken from there.

The good old Nagoya TV Tower. I still haven't been to the top yet!

This is actually down the street a bit, it is the Nagoya Train Station. Needless to say with towers like that its a bit of a landmark.

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