Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm sorry I've been gone.

I know it has been well over a week since the last update, so for all two of you who actually follow this blog, here you go. I've been pretty busy with the nicely boring parts of getting ready to go. GEOS has two correspondence packadges to do, and the first one was due this week, along with my 'Information Poster' that I mentioned in the 14er post. Being I worked Saturday, I had Sunday to do most of it. Did I ever mention I'm a bit of a last minute type? Luckily thats all behind me, and I get to do the really horrific prep this weekend. Yup, shopping for suits. and ties. The guy who regularly wears Birkenstocks to work has to be dressed all Professional style. Of course I also have the fun shopping coming up soon, I have to buy a laptop for sure. Being the tech geek I am, finding the right combo of price and power is a challenge I relish. Here goes!

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