Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Schedule Flip Flop

Today was a bit of a tense day for me, beuracratically speaking. For some reason I took it as gospel that my hire date at the library was Sept 1st, after all why would you NOT start on the first day of the month? Well if for example there is a huge holiday weekend, you might not start on the first. Say, for example, Labor Day. Yeah. oooooooops. So my actual 'vesting' date is Sept 5th, the very day GEOS wants me in Vancouver to start training. Unfortunatly the City of Denver has this rule, you HAVE to be present and accounted for on your last day of work. So I can't just call in sick from Canada. What it looks like I'll do now is go ahead and go to training, then fly back to Denver that weekend. I'll work my last day, probably a Saturday, and then and only then wend my way wistfully away. woot. I was certainly on pins and needles all day waiting for HR to e-mail me back to see if they would go ahead and spot me the day so I could leave for good on the 4th. You would think it wouldn't be that hard to round the 4.99726 years up to an even 5, but I guess that would just upset the ballance of the cosmos, at least it would if you happen to be HR. ;-). Ah well, at least this way I get to burn the last of my vacation and get paid for Labor Day weekend Holiday pay. Alway look on the bright side eh?


Anonymous said...

Why am I not suprised? MAM

Anonymous said...

Grow up ya lil' puke " to be said in a scottish brogh "