Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dwindling Days

I now have exactly 8 weeks till I board an airliner for Nagoya Airport. It seems like a very long time to wait, yet I realize that I have a hell of a lot of things to do in that time. Really 8 weeks is hardly enough time at all! I have to continue working on my Japanese, finish up my correspondence packadges for GEOS, sell/ box up 99% of my worldly goods, go to training, and still find time to spend with my family and friends. All this while working 40 hours a week. Don't forget the fact that I am hemorraging cash having purchased an ipod and plane tickets to Vancouver. I still need a laptop and my ticket to Nagoya, and of course 1500 to 2000 bucks left over to keep me alive until I get my first Japanese paycheck. The stress is killing me, well not really, but certainly doing its part to keep me awake nights, and I still have 8 weeks left. I wonder how I will be doing when I only have 2 weeks left.

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