Wednesday, April 07, 2010

An afternoon's walk

Since I've had a bit of time before the start of classes, which start today, I've made the most of it and done quite a bit of local exploration. Late last week I made it a point to walk all over central Maebashi so I could learn more about the city I now live in.

The Cherry blossoms were just starting to peek out, and i got a few nice shots of their delicate beauty. There has been some talk among the local ALTs of a dedicated Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing) party this weekend, so we shall see if the weather holds up.

In addition to a few interesting bars, restaurants, shops, shrines and temples, I found this very beautiful little garden. I hadn't expected to find anything of the sort, so it was a very pleasant surprise. 

I wasn't the only one out wandering the parks on this pretty afternoon, there were a great many families out and about as well. Some of the kids waved at me, the strange foreigner with the large camera, but some were more focused on not falling in the pond!

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Island Auntie said...

Stunning shots of the sakura. Good timing to return to Japan right as the cherry blossom viewing is in full swing and all the festivities it engenders.