Friday, June 22, 2007

Sleepless night and other tales

Wednesday began like any other average, normal day. Shower, go to work, change into suit. Pretty usual. Little did I know the HORROR I would soon encounter...

I had left my socks on the main floor of the school, so I slipped my dress shoes on sans socks and headed for the elevator. As I walked down the hall, I felt something move.

This perturbed me mightily, so I kicked off my shoe, only to see a cockroach a good 3-4 inches long come flying out of my shoe. (I would have sworn the hideous apparition was a good meter, but then he wouldn't have fit in the shoe so I must revise my initial estimate downwards.)

I did NOT in fact scream like a girl, but I really, really wanted to. I didn't say anything. I just collected my shoe, went downstairs to the office and collected the roach spray. My vengeance was as swift as it was deadly.

Last night I had a delicious dinner of Pizza with Michael, but had rather meaty 'pizza breath' and decided to chew some gum. I have been chewing this delicious cinnamon gum lately.

At 3 AM when I was still totally wide awake, I began to wonder if the cinnamon gum was by chance caffinated. A quick look at the packadge the next day proved my hypothesis true.

My sleep was also interrupted last night by yet ANOTHER 3:45 AM earthquake. Seriously, this has got to stop.

On the plus side of the balance sheet my package of birthday goodies arrived from my Sister. Any pretense of dieting this week is long gone, but at least I'll die fat and happy.


Zach said...

I was trying to remember where I left Petie and I know how he oh-so-loves shoes.

victoriasart said...

your sister may have helped with the package, but she was financially backed! Better to say, the "package from home..." Best wishes for a Happy soon to be Birthday

Anonymous said...

So, you met a member of the Hawaiian Air Force? Didn't realize their flight plan included Japan!

Travelingrant said...

Indeed! The package from Home, with generous assistance from the Hawaiian Air Force!

Sadly, the contents of said package have been thoroughly ravaged by now, one short week later. Hmm Chocolate...