Thursday, June 21, 2007


A few weeks back the floating bookstore MV Doulos arrived for a two week stay in Kanazawa. In addition to being a bookstore and international exchange vessel, the Doulos is also the oldest still operating passenger liner, built just a few years after the Titanic sank.

Unfortunately for my desire for a good Tom Clancy novel, the Doulos is also a missionary ship, which isn't really a problem except that ALL the books in their bookstore were either non-fiction (atlases, cookbooks, etc) or religious books. No fast paced action thrillers for me. And I rode my bike all the way from my apartment to the Port of Kanazawa, a ride of a good hour at least. *sigh*

As always in Japan, if something is worth doing by one person, its worth doing by most of the town, it was a pretty long line to get aboard! I wonder how all those Buddists and Shinto believers felt after waiting in line for 40 minutes to get on the boat and find only Christian books in English waiting for them?

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