Friday, March 09, 2007

Power Problems

On Wednesday I had a very interesting crisis. For various reasons ALL my coworkers were out of the building, some as far away as Tokyo, and I was all by my lonesome. Which is normally fine, even to be desired. However, as I dug into my wonderful bag of McDonalds every light in the place went out to the snap of a circuit breaker.

Oops. Now, its one thing if this happens at home when I'm surfing, with my heater, other heater, kotatsu and toaster oven going, but its another when I'm at work with the same old lights and such on as are on every day. All the more so when all the management types are at a huge meeting.

Using my cell phone as a flashlight (please don't laugh), I managed to, after turning off half the lights, get things back in a mostly working order. When the Manager that we have training with us got back from handing out flier she called the electrician. He came out and spent over three hours in the ceiling above my room, with equipment and junk spread all over my tables, generally disrupting my work flow! He thought it was a short, and things seemed to be fixed...

Till it all happened again on Thursday! Turns out the construction crew next door to us were 'borrowing' one of our outdoor outlets, and their equipment was tripping our breaker! Oops. Needless to say we were not at all pleased to discover that bit of news. The constant clanging, whirring, and thumping is bad enough!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, nothing wrong with using the cell for a flashlight! I do it all the time!