Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moving (Again!)

The company that owns my current shoe box sold it to another housing company, who is refurbishing all the apartments and raising the rent. So, with a mere 6 months to go on my planned 2 year stint, I get to move around Japan for a second time. Luckily, instead of moving across the country I'm only shifting down the street a bit. Still a pain in the neck, but it could be, and has been, much worse. Sadly for my many loyal readers, this means that updates could be spotty for the next few weeks, until I get internet at the new place. That could be in days, it could be in a month or more! I have a few interesting things I hope to post soon, and of course my trip to Thailand/ Vietnam is coming up in about a month! Stay tuned.


jalexissmith said...

Can we have a housewarming party when you get settled?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, Leo Palace is selling off property everywhere. They sold mine to an inferior company that never sweeps, cleans, or programs the lights correctly. But our man over here ended up paying the key money and let me stay.