Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rokku Bando

Well I'm back from Hawaii, and I'm already missing the 'winter' they have there. Its gray and chilly here in Denver!

While eating a Malo Malo ice cream treat at a Max's of Manila restaurant on Oahu I got a call from Interac with my placement. Come late March I'll be headed to the city of Bando, in Ibaraki Prefecture. Ibaraki is a bit north of Tokyo, so it's an area that I haven't really explored at all. Bando itself is a tiny, rural town of about 57,000 people, weighing in at about a third of the population density of Denver. Forget the suburbs, this is the boondocks! Luckily, these boondocks (inaka in Japanese) are 45 minutes from central Tokyo, so I don't have to worry about being too far from the city.

As always in Japan, there is a Lot to do within a few hours of Bando city, so I'm not too worried about being board. The position comes with a car, and while I was initially reluctant, I can see a real bright spot as well. I can pick up visitors at Narita Airport.. in my car. I can drive to Fuji, Nikko and other places that are a bit hard to get around on foot.

All in all, I'm excited about this. At times I'm worried about going back and teaching English again. I feel like I've been there, and done that, but there is always something else to experience and something new to learn. It will also be great to be earning a salary again. Though I suppose I will have to rename my blog again. Bando Tales sounds kind of strange though. Any suggestions?


Zach said...

Rubber Bando
Marlon Bando
The Prisoner of Azkabando

Mia said...

How about "Always Thankful for to Make Visiting of Web Site".