Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Computer problems and other fun times.

I try and update this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As any tour through the archives can tell you, this is an ideal that I rarely reach. However, that's my goal, and I feel bad that the last few weeks have had a much more spotty update schedule, especially as I still have tons of interesting places and stories from the last week of my most recent excursion to Asia. This time though, I have a pretty good excuse. My laptop computer has been having an intermittent locking problem since before I left, but recently it has become much worse. In fact, last week there were days at a time when the computer didn't work at all. Several hours of HP customer service calls later, and my laptop is now in their service center in California. Another, happier wrench in my upcoming posting is another trip, this time to Hawaii. I'm off today to visit with my Aunt on Oahu and my sister on Maui. I'll be gone for two weeks, and will do what I can to provide some content, but I can make no promises. However, we can all look forward some great pictures from the islands, and it will be just enough to tide the blog over until I head back to Japan in March for another year (or more?) of teaching English.


Zach said...

I went mac a year ago and I have had so many less computer problems and headaches. join us. join us.

Elizabeth said...

My Apple iPod died overnight for no reason and it's a base cost of $130 to get it fixed. Mac has just as many problems.