Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Minute

Sometimes things just come together in a perfect way. With my sister on Maui, and my Aunt and Uncle on Oahu, a return trip to Hawaii was high on my list of things to do, but the high cost of airfare was a deterrent, and I didn't have enough miles to go for free. Then United had a mileage sale, and suddenly I could go.

Being that I was booking with miles, I wanted to make sure to get the direct flight to and from Honolulu, no sense in going for free and accepting a sub standard flight! I booked my flights on the first of February, and at 10 AM on the second I was at the airport. I often like to wait til the last minute to do things, but this was probably one of the most extreme cases.

The first full day on Oahu My Aunt and Uncle and I went hiking over on the other side of the island, to these fantastic views up the coast. The wind was whipping around us something fierce, I was a bit worried about both my hat and my camera being blown away. February is a good time for Humpback whales, and we did see one on our hike, but he was pretty far away and wasn't feeling very active.

Even just being in the 80 some degree weather along the beach was great. The chance to relax on the lanai with a good library book was one I didn't want to pass up. As a photographer I've always liked the view from Ewa Beach, as you can see right across to Honolulu and Diamond Head. It is a great view, and it's a view I've captured many times. The other fun thing about that view is ships coming in and out of Pearl Harbor are very visible, as with this submarine and frigate that I saw.

Ever since reading The Hunt for Red October I've had an interest in submarines so I was very excited to see this one exit the harbor. My first few days on Oahu were all about relaxation, sun, and having fun with my Aunt and Uncle.

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