Sunday, April 05, 2009

Snow Days

As I write this overdue entry, the wind outside howls for my blood. You would be forgiven in wondering just why I've angered the wind.

Flashback to a few weeks ago, and I was telling everybody that "Colorado didn't have a winter this year." It was true, especially when compared to the last few years, we had a very mild winter in Denver. In January we posted record high's, sometimes temperatures reached as high as the upper 60's or more. This phenomenon stretched beyond Colorado, even when I was in South Dakota on our road trip (more on that later) I had to run the Air Conditioning in my car. Yes, you read that right, run the a/c while in South Dakota in January. You can see how I could assume that the worst wasn't very bad to begin with, and it was over.

Which brings us back to the wind, and why you never assume anything about the weather in these parts. Last week we had quite the storm, the first real winter storm all year, and the worst one to hit the Metro Area in a while. Denver pretty much shut down around 2, and everybody went home. I got leave a little bit early at around 4:30, by which time the streets were empty and everything was closed. Since then we've had several days of snow, and today was predicted to be another heavy Blizzard. Luckily that prediction hasn't come true yet, and snow fall was light last night, but the wind has been blowing hard since last night. I can here it howling against my windows, and I'm glad I'm in my warm apartment with a nice cup of coffee. I've always found that its a bad idea to insult the weather in Colorado, and once again that has been proven right. Next time maybe I'll remember that if anything stays constant around here, it's that the weather can and will do anything at anytime.


Island Auntie said...

I loved that picture, especially from my vantage point, looking at the turquoise waters of the Pacific!

Travelingrant said...

Yeah for sure. That week I was pondering an immediate move to Honolulu myself! ;-)

Jen Jones said...

Are you sure Colorado is not having a winter this year, not only then but have you looked out your window today. Grr snow, Every weekend. I'm ready for summer.