Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Long Drive

With Mike in town, the main plan was to do the Great American Road Trip. Our original idea was for me to take a week off and drive through the Southwest to LA, but when renting a car for a one way drive proved prohibitively expensive, we recalculated and decided to drive to Mt. Rushmore instead.

As befits a pair of hard partying 20-somethings, we got a late start heading north on Interstate 25. I'll admit that I had been a little bit worried about being the main driver on an epic cross country road trip. People who know me can testify to my distaste for all things automobile related. However, as we reached the northern reaches of the state and the highway opened up I discovered the glory of cruise control.

As we passed into Wyoming the first thing we saw was the huge signs for fireworks stores. Mike and I had often whiled away the time in Japan by lighting off fireworks, so we just had to stop and peruse the selection. (On a related note, if anybody knows a good place to detonate enough fireworks to take over a small South American Country, let me know)

As it got dark we opted to stay in Newcastle Wyoming, the Gateway to the Black Hills. All in all we weren't too impressed with poor Newcastle, like a lot of small towns there is a lack of young people, and a resultant lack of things for traveling young people to do. We relaxed in a local bar with a quick beer and bite to eat before we hit the sack in preperation for the next day's drive.


Zach said...

The best places to set off fireworks are the alleyways around South High School at lunchtime.

Jen Jones said...

I still say we go up and set them off just insde the border of Wyoming and we can get some more to set off at the same time. ;)