Friday, April 10, 2009

A Kiwi at the Stock Show

Back in January my good friend Michael stopped by Colorado on the last leg of an around the world trip. He had started by flying from his native New Zealand to Tokyo, from there to London and Munich, then to New York, Chicago and finally Denver. Yes it does seem strange to see Denver listed among those great cities of the world. Of course a big part of the reason he stopped here was to see me!

Since he was in town at the same time as the National Western Stock Show, we figured it would be fun to go to the Rodeo. I enjoy seeing the cowboys strut their stuff, and it is a great activity that is a good look into the culture and history of the area.

The best part was (as always) the mutton busting, with very young children holding on to rampaging sheep. I always really enjoy the barrel racing, I suppose because it takes skill, is unlikely to result in serious injury, and can make for some good photographs.

Mike was agog that people actually wear cowboy hats, he said that in New Zealand, you can only buy them at costume shops!

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Jennifer said...

As I told you I am soooo jealous your pictures came out so great at the Stock show. You Rock!