Friday, September 14, 2007

Two year Japanniversary

It is hard to believe that two years ago today I stepped off of my flight from the United States and into the muggy Aichi heat. It has been a long, strange, wonderful trip. The things I've done, the people I've met, the places I've seen, the food I've eaten, it really has been a fantastic two years.

Now, I've reduced those two years of intense experiences into an 8 minute video, roughly in chronological order. Of course, I wouldn't blame anybody if they can't sit through all 8 minutes of tinny rock music and slightly pixelated pictures. After all, I am the one with an emotional attachment to all these images. Though, I imagine that a few of my blog readers can find themselves buried in the avalanche of Grant's memories. Enjoy.



Gus said...

Damn man, that was a really cool slideshow!! you have some GREAT pics in there, seems like you had a blast there over the past 2 years!! Great call on A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World :-) That song was perfect in there!! NICE JOB!!!!!

yes I did watch all 8:13 of it :-)

Zach said...

All right! the theme song from Great Teacher Onizuka sung by the guy who played Great Teacher Onizuka!

~Jenn~ said...

Managed to make me sad and nostalgic. :-)

jalexissmith said...

very cute. what happened to rambo???

Travelingrant said...

I gave him to Travis and he done dieded.