Monday, February 26, 2007

Uchinada Beach in Winter

I actually arrived a little early for the Pancake Party, so I decided to kill time at the beach. I'll admit, I was shocked. In summer, Uchinada Beach is trashed. In winter it is even worse. The amount of debris was epic. There have been some pretty crazy storms lately, so I suppose some of the extra trash has been washed up from that, but honestly there is no excuse.

While the average family may not be able to have a great time at the beach in February, it looks like the motor bike boys can have a great time!

Here are a pair of HDR images I took. I didn't have my tripod, so both are from a single RAW file. (Though not through lack of trying, I actually took a 5 photo HDR of the lower image, but I moved. I guess I'm just not as stable as a real tripod!)

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