Friday, February 23, 2007

Pancake Day

Over in the British Isles, rather than celebrate Mardi Gras and go hog wild on the day before Ash Wednesday (and Lent), they celebrate Pancake Day. This involves more pancakes, and less beads and rampant nudity. Probably a good thing really. The idea is to use up all the rich foods, like eggs and butter and such, in preparation for the fasting of Lent

While I have never celebrated Pancake Day, Fiona has always celebrated by cooking pancakes for as many people as possible. Much to the Delight of pancake lovers in Ishikawa, she invited a ton of people over to her house in Unchinada on Sunday (Tuesday being a work day and all) for pancakes, tea, and conversation. Sadly, a ton of people did not show up, it being Sunday. Apparently there had been a big birthday party on Saturday night, and Hangovers were rampant. I guess being sick last week saved me more than just money.

One of the attendees brought an amazingly awesome party game called Apples to Apples. Each player has 7 noun cards, which must be played on an adjective card in the middle. The person with the noun that most fits the adjective wins the round. You can get some crazy pairings, and it's great fun.


Victoria said...

Wow! Fiona sure has a "large" apartment. Were the pancakes served with syrup?

Travelingrant said...

Yeah we all marveled at how spacious her rooms were. She had syrup, jam, and a delicious local Nutulla knockoff.

jalexissmith said...

OMG I love apples to apples.