Sunday, February 04, 2007

Let it Snow?

Weather wise this has been a really crazy year for Japan. The official website for the Sappororo Snow Festival (Yuki Matsuri) states:

Concerning this year's Sapporo Snow Festival

Due to the shortage of snow, a number of winter events in Japan have been affected this winter. However, we have already secured enough snow that enables us to make all snow statues and ice sculptures planned for the snow festival.
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the spectacular winter display of the 58th Sapporo Snow Festival.

Hah, the "shortage of snow." Complete lack of snow more like it. This winter in Kanazawa has been a remarkable contrast to last year, more freezing rain and hail than snow, with the occasional massive midnight thunderstorm. This week was the first week since December that it snowed and actually stuck, and it marks the first time in History (or so they say) that it didn't snow in January at all.

Of course you could hardly call it snow, more of an ugly, wet slush. Not the most appealing of mixtures, and for once had me wishing it was just raining instead! Luckily the weather forcast for this week is for warmer temps and maybe even a bit sunny! The apocolypse must be upon us, it is sunny in Kanazawa in February!


"Tired of Snow" Vesp said...

that's what you get for coming to Denver!!!
Next time, leave the crappy weather home, where it belongs!!!

羽之助 said...

Some of my friends are attempting to go skiing this weekend ... good bloody luck! Iwate has like zero snow this winter - even the mountains aren't as white as they should be!

jalexissmith said...

HELLO!!!!!! Have you really not done ANYTHING interesting since Feb 4??? Post something, man!