Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tokyo: The Return Part 1

Last Tuesday I burned the last tiny bits of my vacation time for this year and took off for Tokyo with Mo. We had no specific goals, simply relax and enjoy the big city. While at almost 500,000 people Kanazawa is no slouch, it can be nice to sample the pleasures available with a population base of about 12 million.

Often when riding JR you have about 5 to 10 minutes to make your train transfers. Usually this is more than enough time as you can actually set your watch by JR timetables, they are that accurate. Well like I said... Usually. Our train was 20 minutes late pulling into the transfer station. Our connection, with our reserved seats, had left 15 minutes before. Alas!

Luckily JR arranged for everybody to get some space on the next train, and all was fixed.

Once in Tokyo we checked into our almost luxury hotel, and set off in search of some pizza.

Paris Hilton Attacks.

The next day, while searching Shibuya for a movie house playing Superman Returns, the dreadful visige of Paris Hilton appeared over the hustle and bustle. Oh yes, apparently not only is Paris insanely popular here, but she has a new album out AND came to Tokyo to promote it. We didn't hang around to watch the spectacle, but I'll admit I was tempted to see what the fuss was about.

Roppongi Hills

We finally found a theater, Roppongi Hills was showing Superman! I was interested as I had heard of the Super-Skyscraper that is Roppongi Hills but had never been to see it. Yup, it was a big building. Really big. Wow. Superman Returns was also a bit underwhelming. It was fun, but not really fun enough to justify the 1800 yen price.

Next: Ships!


Anonymous said...

I am more impressed with Roppongi Hills, than Paris Hilton - Can't figure out what attraction Superman had for you to traipse that far and pay that much - guess who?

Anonymous said...

I bet you were desperate to stay for sexy Paris really!