Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New Faces, Old Places

Last weekend kicked off with another fireworks show at the exact same time and the exact same place as the weekend before. Mo, Fiona, James and myself all met up with the first three replacement ALT's for another night of Fireworks and Thai food.

The new ALT's certainly had a slightly shell-shocked air to them, but they seem more on top of things than *I* was less than a week after arrival. In that wave we got two Americans (Chris and Amanda) and an English girl (whose name escapes me at the moment).

We walked a few kilometers down the Saigawa and found a perfect spot, much closer and less obstructed than last week. I didn't bring my camera though, I had decided I wanted to really enjoy the show and the conversation and not spend my time bent over the tripod. I don't regret that decision..much. I must admit that a shot of the Osaka bound Thunderbird Express under a sky of fireworks would have been pretty cool. Alas!

The show was actually a better display as well. Lots of very artistic explosions, including flowers, fountains, and a smiley face. And of course a grand finale that sent every dog in the prefecture running for the hills. I love fireworks.

After that we met up with Anna and one of her friends and hit up the same Thai restaurant that we went to last Saturday. I'm certainly not complaining though, its a really awsome place. The Green Curry is just as delightfully spicy and delicous as you would expect, and the Pad-Thai I had last weekend was almost as good as my sister's version.

In a fit of generosity we then took them to the coolest bar in town, Forum, a magical roof-top bar. It offers a cool respite from the heat of the summer, and amazing views of downtown Kanazawa. It also offers an aging long haired dachshund who runs around on the bar greeting customers. Any drinking establishment with the guts to stick a weiner dog on the bar gets my vote. Add in the roof and its a no brainer place to kick back and relax with a draft Asahi.

I'd like to think we rolled out the carpet o' Kanazawa hospitality. Everybody seemed happy enough, and all are plenty cool and should fit right in.

Next: A Nagoya Farewell.

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