Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Beach

So I think I finally figured out why Japanese beaches are so unimpressive. Between the rainy season all July, and jellyfish season starting in mid-August there is only about two weeks in which to enjoy the beach! I can now understand the tendency here to build waterparks along the waterfront!

All grousing aside, there was a bit ALT meeting down at Uchinada last Saturday. Once again thanking my lucky stars for the Sat-Sun off schedule, I snagged an invite and for the first time this summer got a chance to really hang out at the beach.

I'll admit, for a mountain man like me, for as unimpressive as the beach is, its still pretty impressive. Ok so there's giant ugly concrete blocks behind, and tons of trash before, but in the end you still have that broad swath of water and sand, and that is what matters.

I even went swimming! In the ocean! It has been at least 10 years since I last took a salty dip in the sea. It was quite nice, the water was warm after a typically roasting Kanazawa day in August.

Back from the water a ways there are several bars and restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, showers, a skate park and a DJ! Its sad that the time window is so short, and that the beach is so far, I could see myself spending a lot of time down there otherwise. I mean heck, they even had a guy doing one of those torch dances like you might see on an actual nice beach in say Hawaii or Thailand. How cool is that? Yes I tried to get a picture of him. No I didn't have my tripod. ;-).

Well, I'm hoping that the poisonus little jellys won't have arrived next weekend, as we do have a work party scheduled for Uchinada on Sunday and I'd like to go for another dip.

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