Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Vancouver is a pretty city, eh?

Here I am, Vancouver Canada. This is the last step before the big jump across the Pacific. I won't say I'm not nervous, but I am actually feeling quite confident now. These last few weeks have both flew and dragged for sure, it has been pretty crazy. But here I am, in training. They are working hard (and fast) to equip me with the basic skills I'll need to teach in Japan. Now to be sure, it is a 4 day course, so these are very, very basic skills. But thats exactly what I need, the framework. Everything else is built up from here. I did my first ever lesson today, with a cute Japanese girl doing a 1-year study abroad here in Vancouver. I certainly messed up plenty of my lesson, but I got a lot right too. What it really did was show that I could do this, I could in fact teach somebody a little bit of English! It was a bit of a revelation to me, and provided a big boost in my confidence levels. I also learned a ton about my school, and my first few days in Japan, but I think that is best left for another post.

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