Friday, September 16, 2005

Google Localization is a pain

Greetings from Aichi! As I write this I am in an Internet Cafe, and Google has detected that I am in Japan, so all the buttons and such that are normally in English... Are in Kanji! Crazy. So anyway, I arrived a few days ago, and have been adjusting as quickly as I am able. The first night I was here the Sub that picked me up took me out to a Yakitori place near the hotel I used for the first two nights. So far so good right? The Yakitori was tasty, and the Nagoya speciality chicken wings were awsome. But then I look over at a new dish, one of little deep fried things.

I say, say, that looks interesting, what is it?

Oh, its good.

Yeah, thats nice... what is it?



Am I being to ominous?

Yeah, yeah you are.

Ah, well it is deep fried chicken cartilage.

Hmm hmm good, now THAT friends, is the breakfast of champions. I actually did try it, and other than being really damn chewy wasnt too bad. I also tried a random teryaki skewer that ended up being grilled pork tounge. Yummy. At that rate, the tempura mushrooms were awsome! I alway did say it isnt Japanese food if you can identify everything on the plate.

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